Scrappy Days 🤩

Working with scraps has a charm of its own … you look at colours and designs and make pictures in your head as to what it will look like and then when you make it that picture becomes real.

My addiction to all things quilting is fast becoming an obsession…😃 … if I’m not sewing I’m reading about it or looking at Pinterest or watching YouTube videos… everything is a learning curve for me and I’m loving it 😍

I can see the mistake in my purple patches.. should have been opposite each other … I’m learning slowly but surely 🤩
First cushion cover ever made by me with scraps 🥰

Here’s to the next project!!!


3 thoughts on “Scrappy Days 🤩

  1. Oh, and I’ve thought of a rationale for your purple patches being that way: they’re a basket, to hold the roses! See, not a mistake at all! More quilter’s aphorisms: if you can’t see it from 6 feet away, it’s not a mistake; finished is better than perfect; perfection is for the Almighty; I wanted to check you were paying attention; keep calm and pretend it was on purpose.

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