Memories in a Quilt 😍

Wherever you go becomes a part of your soul …

This was the first quilt I had started making when I began quilting… lots of learning in between and lots of snags while doing it … but I can never leave anything unfinished and so it’s ready … I can still see lots of things that need improving but as it was my first attempt I’m still very happy … this is going to be my travel quilt so lots of happy snuggly times ahead 😍

The pieces laid out
It’s complete!

2 thoughts on “Memories in a Quilt 😍

  1. Don’t forget to set up a gallery page to record all your finished quilts. One day, you’ll look back and be delighted at how far you’ve come and how much more ambitious you are 🙂 And you’ll definitely need a couple more travel quilts, if my experience is anything to go by.

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