Left over Monday 🧵

I finished my first Rag Quilt on Friday … it was washed and dried and put on my sons bed …

Sunday I never went near my machine … quite unheard of but there were other pressing things to get done …

So come Monday I’m looking at the scraps left from the rag quilt and I sat down on Pinterest to see what I could make with it.

The following item emerged a couple of hours later… needless to say it’s another “Raggy” piece but as I’m thinking of making a pile of small pieces to give as gifts … best time to get started…

Onwards we go ….


2 thoughts on “Left over Monday 🧵

  1. You do know you don’t have to use everything up straight away? Most of us have extensive collections of orphan blocks, scraps, half-finished, half-considered bits and pieces to dip into in case of an emergency quilt being needed…? They’re an invaluable resources, so don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity.

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