Never Ride Faster than your Angel can Fly #2

Day 2

Another amazing day…. We had a long day ahead of us so it was an early start for us.We head out of Mildura …this time it was bright as we didn’t want to ride country roads at dawn or dusk as the Roo’s & Emu’s come out to play then.

We did see a lot of road kill & a fair few Emu’s prancing around … but thankfully they never ventured onto the road.

We left Victoria behind & rode into South Australia.we rode through Paringa & Renmark… this was a quarantine point where we had to stop and get our luggage inspected.

Tarlee…. Morgan….Burra….Whyte….Yarcowie….Terowie…Peterborough…Orroroo & then Hawker.We stopped and did bit of grocery shopping & then rode on toRawnsley Park Station.

Overlooking the southern side of Wilpena Pound, this park is the perfect base to explore the Flinders Ranges. We visited this station as it was meant to be a gathering of our club members… however it was only my hubby & me who ended up there.

3 years ago we had stayed at another cattle station called Merna Mora and we had explored the Flinders Rages extensively then. So this time it was going to be a relaxing 2 days before we hit the road again.

So again another solid day of riding with some extremely strong winds going from Hawker to Rawnsley … but we made it in one piece.

we had covered another 600kms today and I was ready for a couple of days of walking and reading and generally doing nothing.



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  1. My back hurts just reading this… I can’t do the 600km days any more 😦 But what fun to get onto Google Maps and follow your route. Have you uploaded any photos and reviews/comments to Google Maps so other people can see where you visited?

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