As anyone can see I’m totally obsessed… but I cannot be classified as a “conventional” quilter.

I take ideas and make them my own… the basics are the same … but I just gotta add ‘me’ to it… so taking that into account I’ve added embroidery to the mix …. and thus my ‘Bluey’ was born… each square has been made with a choice of Jelly Roll pieces and then joined together …

Look very closely and a professional eye will pick out every mistake I’ve made … but I’ve loved the process of doing something new ! Hopefully in a few years I’ll iron out the mistakes but in the meantime I’m very happy with Quilt #7 …


4 thoughts on “Bluey

  1. The overall effect is very pretty, like a stained glass window! I love all your little sampler blocks, they play together really well, and there’s nothing wrong with using an embroidery stitch to quilt with – another time remember you can have one colour in the bobbin and another in the top thread. Bluey is lovely, and you should be proud of yourself.
    One day, we’ll all be out of lockdown/quarantine, the Husband and I can come and visit again, and we can have monster sewing sessions. I’m looking forward to it!

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    1. I’ve so enjoyed making this and yes I realized I could have two colours top and back … next quilt 🤩
      Yes I’m waiting for the day we can all meet up as this us getting ridiculous… sake country and no access to each other 😐

      When do you leave for Cairns??


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