Stage 4: 2.0

When lockdown has been a way of life for a few months you just carry on …

The Virus 🦠 has not been good to us in our state of Victoria even though the rest of Australia seems to be back to a new normal…

As of midnight Wednesday we entered a new stage of restrictions. We have had a state of disaster declared which generally means the police force has a few less limitations in enforcing rules.

My life continues on my usual path of cooking cleaning looking after the kids looking after the Business as I have done for the last 27 years. My new normal is not going out at all but finding more time to do the one thing that I absolutely love.

As the months seem to be rolling by faster and faster we find ourselves in the month of August. Lockdown is supposed to be lifted on 13 September but then again who knows…

So during these months which is usually occupied by the kids birthdays… Getting ready for parties and entertaining… Which cannot be done now… My mind has moved to the next big occasion which is Christmas.

A couple of days of working with a new idea for a table runner for Christmas which I found on Pinterest I came up with this. There’s lots that I can see which need to be fine tuned but seeing as it is for the house I’m happy with the result and extremely happy that my first Christmas project is complete.


7 thoughts on “Stage 4: 2.0

  1. Love it, all those lovely Christmassy reds and greens. Your FMQ is getting a lot better too, from what I can see. Can you set your photos so you can enlarge them by clicking on them? I can tell you how if you don’t know…

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  2. We must be getting better at Covid lockdown… we’ve been practising enough. Doing the sensible thing might just accomplish a new normal Christmas where your festive creations are fully appreciated 😁 Despite no mandated restrictions affecting us locally we’ve not changed our lockdown behaviours… it keeps us safe and lessens the likelihood of ending up on a Covid contact list with a scraper up our nose… self interest much! But if enough of us do it we’ll make a good difference not a bad difference. Hang in there… our thoughts are with you and our other friends and family.

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    1. Thanks Dale …. it’s these contacts that makes life normal… I’m glad I’m used to being at home and doing ‘home’ stuff that it doesn’t make me feel like anything is different… 😍


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