My Sourdough Journey

I was asked by a friend if I wanted some sourdough starter and as I love baking and absolutely love making bread I of course said yes.

A few days later my dehydrated starter arrived from NSW with instructions on how to rehydrate.

I was excited to start a new & hopefully lifelong journey into another form of creating 😍

I was also told that when starters are shared they usually come with a name and would be nice for me to name mine 😊

Chatting with another friend about this journey she suggested the name PARVATI.

The name PARVATI means OF THE MOUNTAIN & is of Indian origin. She is a Hindu Goddess of fertility love and devotion.

What better name than that as it rings true to both my heritage and the fact that this starter will be the beginning of many a happy hours of making and baking.

My journey started yesterday with the rehydration process and I was rewarded this morning with a bubbly mixture in the bowl which means I’ve reactivated her and she’s ready to go.

The first feed
After four feeds
Added to her new home and fed and put in the fridge

β€œA small gift of sourdough- a dried starter dubbed from our 7 year old Priscilla. I hope it gives you many years of baking joy β€œ The starting lines on my Doc with the rehydrating instructions …. & I’m so looking forward to this journey 😍


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