ScrapHappy September

And so its another month and life is pretty much the same as it was last month. we are at the end of the first part of STAGE 4 LOCKDOWN….but as the numbers are still not what they want its been extended for another 2 weeks !!!! Then it will be a week by week review and restrictions tweaked. So lets see what the next two weeks hold for us….

For me days are pretty much the same as it always is as I work from home managing my husbands business and have been doing this for the last 27 years… We are lucky we can still work and feel very Blessed to be doing work during this time as there’s lots who can’t work or is out of work.

I’ve been quilting up a storm as always … trying new things and adding to my collection of lovely things…and I have a few scraps from these in the last month. There’s two I would like to share ….

The first one I would like to share is a placemat that I made out of Hexies. Both front and back were hand stitched and then I did some FMQ to finish it off.

The second piece I did was a Wall Hanging. I have a little room just outside my family area which is all mine. Its a room I have decorated the way I want it …and I usually sit there and read or catch up on my social media with a cup of coffee. Im patiently waiting for Kate to visit so we can sit there and have a good natter. I have hung this Quilted piece of art in this room … I can see it from inside the main house so it works well there :))

Got the hanger on special as well !!
The Wall Hanging from inside the main house
A zoomed out view of my little nook 😍

I’m so so enjoying myself 🤩

Here’s to next month !!!

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15 thoughts on “ScrapHappy September

  1. Love the deep colour of those hexie placemats. Good use of scraps, my dear, and as I said earlier, I love the wall art and its hanger! One of these days, I’ll sit in there with you and a nice cup of coffee and admire everything you’ve made since I last visited.

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    1. Can’t wait for that day to come … I’m seriously thinking of adding a two level cube in my room to stack all my quilts so I have a choice of which one I want to use when sitting in there in winter … was trying to convince J to let me get a mini fireplace but comment was met with a withering stare 🤣


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