One year ago today …!!!!! An epic journey from east to west across our beautiful continent…..😍😍😍



We had a relaxed morning and headed out of Wudinna @ 9.30…. a first late start in a long long time !

We rode through Minnipa & stopped at Poochera…. sadly the Roadhouse there has been closed permanently.

From there we detoured to Streaky Bay a beautiful & very picturesque place. Stopped for an ice cream and to top up a few groceries. An added 62 kms but we bypassed Cungena & Whirrulla… and ride straight on to Ceduna….. situated on the shores of Murat Bay. Another 72kms later we pass through Penong …. an agricultural town that sits above a substantial body of underground water, which explains the number of windmill operated bores in the vicinity. We stayed in Penong in 2008 for a couple of nights so we could take the kids to Cactus Beach where on walking to the beach we had a long black snake jump out from the shrubbery right in front of us and slither away … it was a shock to say the least and the kids and I had our eyes peeled from then on !!!
80 kms later we arrive in Nundroo… here to spend the night and rest up before tomorrow’s adventures.
Today we covered 382kms… a comparatively relaxed day compared to the first two days and a day where we could get off and look around and relax between rides.
The weather was beautiful… lots of sun and some cloud…. a few droplets of rain which we weaved in and out of…

2067kms covered so far and I thought I’d get a bit tired of riding on the motorcycle but truth be told once rested I’m ready to hop on again….. here’s to tomorrow’s adventures 😎

The sun ☀️
Passing through Ceduna
The windmill town of Penong
Chatting with a local from Streaky Bay
The glorious town of Streaky Bay


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  1. We may not be able to venture far, and there’s no rally this year to catch up in person with old friends, but we do at least have photos to recapture the fun and adventure of previous years. Here’s to catching up with you and Dale next year – fingers crossed!

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