REMINISCING….. Border Crossing..25 September 2019!


2962 kms completed so far … cannot believe it’s been a week on the road and what a week it’s been !!!

Today we covered 519 kms a bit more than the last couple of days … the only down part being it was hot … 33 degrees with no shade from the sun for miles around can be a bit draining.

We headed out of Border Village around 8am knowing it was going to be a hot one… as we are getting ready a car stops in front of our cabin and compliments us on our beautiful ST … this happens a lot and we of course feel really happy 😃… chatting with him I think to myself this gentleman sounds very Anglo 😃… a couple of minutes later he says he is and lives in Perth and is on his way East … talk about being a small world …. we ride all the way to the WA border to meet a “Jaath Bhai “ … seriously 😀…

Anyway we head towards the Quarantine Check Point & cross over to Western Australia… the best part … we gain 2 hours …

We pass ;

EUCLA : This was first established in 1877 to enable direct telegraphic communications between Adelaide & Perth.

MADURA : For many years horses were bred for the Indian Army here and shipped from the coast south of the Homestead.

CAIGUNA : Afghan Rocks, natural freshwater dams located near Caiguna we’re used as a resting place by camel drivers in the 1890’s

BALLADONIA: The stone walls & fences built by the pioneers are still a feature of Balladonia.

A wonderful day of riding with beautiful skies again.

Never ride faster than your angel can fly !


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  1. I’d put money on you sniffing out a Bhai anywhere! It sounds like such a fun trip, and how great to have it to look over while you’re still locked down and it’s still more or less *winter* in Melbourne. I don’t want to harp on about this, but, ahem, 28°C today….

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