Up and on the bike again… another 568 kms to cover today. It was beautiful and sunny but not too hot. We head towards Norseman passing the Fraser Ranges. As usual the scenery was spectacular and I had a lot of fun with my camera…

we stop to fill up in Norseman and realise our GPS is not working 😠 … nothing to do but carry on & as it’s one long road we can hardly get lost !!!
Once fuel tank is replenished we head to the next all important stop … WIDGIEMOOLTHA ROADHOUSE…. from 1995 till date every time we have travelled these roads we have always stopped for an ice cream break…. this time no different… we stop … we take pictures… we eat our ice cream… take more pics & head off again. The place has not changed one bit in the number of years we have been there. The only change has been with the people running the place. For me it’s a regular “Time Capsule” moment…. how I love this country 🥰.

Off we go again for another 75 kms to COOLGARDI and we stop for fuel and a stretch. Once on the bike we decide to go straight to Southern Cross but another 120 kms my hip feels very very dodgy so off we get again…. another stretch & a picture of a magpie later we head off again… this time to our destination for the night …. SOUTHERN CROSS !!!

Total kms ridden so far … 3530… 🏍🏍🏍

2004 & 2019 …
Overtaking a Road Train
Entering Southern Cross
Selfie time 🤩



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