Perth to Geraldton 1st October 2019 … throwback through my pictures 😍


And the journey continues… we go further north this time … another 415 kms ridden today. Clear blue skies and temperatures @ 24 degrees made for very very pleasant riding.

We stopped at THE PINNACLES Desert Discovery…. a unique and spectacular experience within Nambung National Park, 200 kms North if Perth. Rising mysteriously from the sand dunes are thousands of limestone pillars up to 4m tall; a landscape in eerie contrast to the surrounding heath. Some are jagged, sharp edged columns rising to a point; others resemble tombstones… we couldn’t drive up to them as it’s all sand but the walk to the viewing area was spectacular enough.

We pass Jurien Bay and the white sand dunes stand out in the sun. We couldn’t go in as we were short of time… next year for sure … then on to Geraldton and our Caravan Park is right near the beach. Needless to say we managed to take in a beautiful sunset and a stroll before heading back to the cabin where Jonathan cooked us Rice Dal & Mince Tikki’s 😃

4568 kms …..

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