Happy Birthday to my Hubster♥️

It’s not what we have in our life but who we have in our life that matters…

As the years roll by and we get older we appreciate almost everything that happens in our lives. Life is full of ups and downs and that’s the way we keep our balance in this universe.

Family IS life for us and during this time of lockdown we have celebrated all our birthdays in Iso … it’s just been us and the kids and their partners … as that’s all that we are allowed.

But it couldn’t have been better … I have cooked and baked and prepared desserts same as every year but this year I’ve paid attention to the young adults in my family….

Anyone knowing me knows I love people and love entertaining… but somewhere along the line with all the people around and all the entertaining I’ve never had the time to sit with the kids and eat dinner on their birthdays as I’m setting stuff up in the kitchen and seeing to everyone else….. and as they kids are grown up they can take care of themselves…

Well this year has taught me otherwise… I have a dining table that seats 8…. and the table is complete with J, myself, our 3 kids & their partners. Each birthday this year I have prepared dinner for us same as I have done for the past 27 years but this time we have sat around the table … said Grace & eaten together… a feeling of contentment as I look around and count my blessings.

My birthday starts the celebrations in the year in June and J’s brings it to a close in October with the three kids birthdays in between… I like to read things and events in sequences and this is the circle ⭕️ of life for me.

Yesterday we celebrated my hubby’s birthday and I cooked and took pictures and we cut cake and laughed and shared stories of the kids antics as they were growing up and as I walked up the stairs to go to bed they were still sitting chatting and laughing at the dining table and standing on the stairs I listened to them interact. My three have always been close and as they have gotten older they have become friends who look out for each other without being in each other’s face … now they have partners and all three partners get along well with each other as well. My family has grown & I’m very blessed to be able to enjoy this phase of our lives …


Where life begins and love never ends !


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Hubster♥️

  1. Beautiful post and family. I really love the thought and processing that has gone into crafting both. Best of all you all get to enjoy this adult stage of your lives, continuing to grow as individuals and together ♡

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  2. Aww, you are all such a tight and well integrated family, and you and J are still such lovebirds, even after all these years. We’re loving his new beard, very dashing! I’m glad you took time out to breathe and enjoy those around you, for a change!

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