ScrapHappy October

It’s ScrapHappy Day again !!! A day for showing something made from scraps.

And another month here and we are still in lockdown !!!! We are all getting Lockdown Weary now … enough is enough I say … but it’s in the hands of the powers that be 😏

My sewing room at the moment… actually since the start of the Pandemic has been my pool table … my youngest daughter has been working from home and as she’s on the phone all day dealing with customers I can’t be anywhere near … she is using my quilting workspace upstairs…. so it’s the pool table for me now …

I’ve been sewing away very happily everyday .. a few projects in process at the moment and a fair few completed.

I made a blanket for my eldest in Grey as that’s going to be the predominant colour scheme. Left over fabric gave me enough to make a stuffed cushion 😍

Ever since I’ve started quilting I’ve made a list of birthdays and anniversaries in my calendar and marked off who will enjoy handmade gifts. My next picture shows you a Bowl Cosy and a matching Table Runner I have made for a friend. I’m planning a picnic lunch with her at the park as we still can’t visit each other at home due to lockdown… ( all made from scraps of course )

And last but not least a Scrappy Table runner for Christmas 🎄 as my sis wanted something for her house as well

Here’s to the next month of ScrapHappiness 😍

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8 thoughts on “ScrapHappy October

  1. I’m loving your grey scrappiness! Just quietly, I’m not a huge fan of Christmas – or indeed any – seasonal themed fabrics and the associated things people make from them, but I can see a cheerful Christmassy table runner is fun for someone who loves to decorate for Christmas! I suppose one of these days I should make something for myself, but it would have to be in silver and pink, to go with my decorations! Anyway, back to the greys. I think Amanda is going to love her cushion to match the gorgeous quilt you’ve made her.

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