Within our 25kms

We are at the same spot as we were so many weeks ago … there was meant to be a bit of change in restrictions but alas with a new outbreak in the northern suburbs we have all been pushed back … sad as our rolling average is under 5 and all other states are living with the virus and got it under control.

Oh well not much we can do but do something that lifts our spirits and the one thing we do love doing is riding our ST1300. We are only allowed to go as far as 25kms but at least that’s better than 5kms…

It was beautiful and sunny when we left but as you would have it by the time we came to Frankston beach it started raining… not unusual as it’s Melbourne 😄

Once we got home hubster jumped onto his other ST and took it for a spin as it is going in for a Road Worthy on Friday and then we get it registered so we will be now spoiled for choice when it comes to road trips 🤩

An enjoyable and relaxed Sunday to say the least 🥰


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  1. I quite envy you your road trip! We’ve spent the day in deep domesticity, and a bit of sewing on my part. It absolutely poured with rain for a good part of the day, a real tropical downpour. Not good bike riding weather…

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