A SHORT STORY 13/11/2018

‘Colours of Happiness’ A short story ;

October 2017 I met a lady called Kate Chiconi at the National Motorcycle Rally in Wooli … it was our first Rally we had attended and Kate & John Chiconi came from Queensland. We met … we chatted ….
2018 John & Kate hosted this years rally in Queensland… which we attended… and from chatting have now become lifelong friends… they are both amazing people and Kate has a gift … not only for making friends but also making the one thing I love …. QUILTS….
We left Mackay promising we will see each other again soon & yes we are seeing each other in February next year 😊
A few days after we got home I get a message from Kate saying she is making me a quilt !!!! You can imagine my excitement & joy …. 😍 She asked me what my favourite colours are and I told her and as she knows my ancestry lies in being Bengali she has incorporated that into the four corners of my quilt ….
She has finished my quilt and has sent me pictures and has aptly named it Colours of Happiness .. ‘in celebration of friendship, motobikes, curry ( which they both love) & Colour.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kate for my lovely quilt which I cannot wait to get my hands on & for your friendship…. it’s beautiful like u 😊
We share a love for motorcycles & curries & quilts … with that combination how can we go wrong !


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  1. … Including a return visit in February/March next year! I’m so glad you’re BOTH able to be there as well as other friends and family. Time ticks on, it’ll be upon us in no time.


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