ScrapHappy November

Another month of quilting and another month of ScrapHappy 💝

Another month has passed and how quickly has that happened. This year seems to have gone in a blur.

I’ve been busy as always as my love for anything quilting has not diminished 😍

This last month has seen me doing lots of Christmassy stuff & as my sis needed a couple of table runners I scrounged around and found these two pieces of Christmas fabric.

I’ve been practicing doing Pinwheels and these came out quite well I think. My sister is very happy with them which makes me happy too 🤩

I’m posting from my phone and for whatever reason I can’t seem to add the names of my ScrapHappy friends. I am away at the moment and don’t have my laptop with me. Kate did say to draft the post and schedule it to go up today but of course in the course of all the prep to get away I forgot 🤦‍♀️.

🧵Friends are like quilts … they never loose their warmth 🧵🪡🧵


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