First of the 60’s

One of my dear dear friends turns 60 next week and as she’s going away with her family I decided to have something at my place to make the milestone memorable.

She’s a lovely human being and even though we lived on the same street in Calcutta so many years ago we never really knew each other.

It took our youngest daughters playing district netball to bring us together and we have enjoyed years of laughter and friendship.

How could I not give her something quilted 🤩

Having friends who stand by you and understand you makes life complete. Carina is a loyal friend and a loving friend…. what more could you ask for in life.

Happy Birthday my sweet friend ♥️


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  1. How did I miss this post? I went back to look at something else, and there it was! Anyway, I know you gave your friend a lovely celebration. How lovely to have that shared childhood experience and knowledge.

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