Count your Blessings

When we started this year it was filled with optimism and joy knowing the year will have lots to offer….

As a few months passed we found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic… something totally new to everyone and some took it very lightly while others more seriously…

We found borders within our country closing and distances to travel curtailed….

Everywhere we turned the country and the world in general in turmoil.

And yet through all this we as a family have remained blessed with our health and work…. two things very essential to everyday living.

Christmas is a season I love and look forward to each year. From decorating in vibrant colours to the warming smells of Christmas cake … I love each second that goes into preparing sweets and presents.

This year has been no exception… there is a limit on numbers in the home but we were still able to go to the Family Mass with my family and for the first time in 27 years I didn’t have a lunch in my home. This year it was one better …. it was in my daughters new house.

Boxing Day brought even more joy as her partner proposed to her !!! And today my husband and myself celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary.

How much more joy and gratitude can my heart hold !

As the year draws to a close I thank the Good Lord for all the Blessings we have received this year.

My daughter Amanda and future Son in Law Brandon
Christmas Eve with my hubby
Anniversary celebrations with the family 🥰

Thankful & Blessed 💞


7 thoughts on “Count your Blessings

  1. Congratulations to your daughter and her husband to be and to you and your husband on your anniversary. You have a beautiful family. All the very best too for 2021.

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  2. It takes darkness to truly show the light in all its magnificence. The brightness is all the brighter because of the valley of darkness we have all travelled recently. Congratulations to your lovely girl and her fiancé, and to you both after 27 magnificent years, my friend.

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  3. I’ve seen no lessening of your optimism and joy over the year… it was a pleasure to spend time with you in the early unaware of what was about to befall us days, and virtually during the following months. You and you family deserve every blessing and happiness, and I wish them all for you, now and in the future ♡

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