My Soul is Fed….

With Needles & Thread 🪡

Each new day brings fresh ideas and stars in my eyes with what my next quilting project is going to be…

Last year in isolation I stitched & stitched & stitched….

This year so far has been no different …. the love for quilting is still there….however the pace seems to have slowed down. Now it’s not a frenzy to complete in a week or a day… I’m savouring the process so much more !

I needed another quilt to cover my bed… I love bright colours and what better than Kaffe Fassett. I made pinwheels matching the reds & blues and then bordered each with a plain red & blue.

As my hands can’t take large free motion quilting I decided to quilt each block separately. Then joined each together with Ragging. I absolutely love the softness of Rag quilting and this has given a new dimension to this beautiful quilt 😍

And so I present my new quilt 🤩

The back


8 thoughts on “My Soul is Fed….

  1. What a gorgeous result! All those wonderful Kaffe Fasset fabrics, especially the red/orange/pink palette (you know I’ll love those too). Tell me, which side of the block are you quilting on? You need to adjust the tension just a little to avoid the ‘railway track’ effect on the tighter curves, where the bottom thread loops through from the back. If on the front, you can adjust your bobbin tension, that needs to go a little tighter. If only the top tension can be altered, then loosen that a little. If you’re quilting on the reverse, the opposite applies. But really, you only need to worry about this if you’re fussed about perfection. And as we all know, ‘Finished is better than perfect’!

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    1. I usually quilt on the top main piece … yes I noticed that too and I do adjust as I go along & quilting each block individually helps me keep track…
      I don’t mind the imperfections too much as long as it doesn’t happen too often & when I’m sewing I have to start and stop a gazillion times coz my phone keeps ringing 😄🤦‍♀️


      1. I reckon you might try decreasing the top tension one notch in general, so that the bottom thread pulls a little harder. At least then the tiny imperfections will be underneath. Yes… the distractions when you’re sewing can be really annoying and put hiccups in your process. You’ve achieved a miracle, considering the interruptions of your work.

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