Good Friends Are Like Quilts

They age with you but never lose their warmth 💝

My next project has begun. This time two table runners … one for a dining table and the other for a coffee table. It’s a matching set.

This beautiful person I have known since my days living in India. We lost contact when I moved here and just like that we were back in each other’s lives when she moved here a few years ago.

She loves all my work and is totally biased coz I’m her friend 😘

She asked me to make her a runner for her dining table and I said I’d make her a set .

Here’s a preview of the colours I’m using as her table is black and her favorite colour is pink …

I’m still making blocks and haven’t decided how I’m going to assemble them but I know I’ll get there.

Here’s the layout at the moment…


6 thoughts on “Good Friends Are Like Quilts

  1. As it’s for a runner, how about a design layout that draws the eye along, so zig zag chevrons rather than pinwheels, for example? Love the way you’re playing with pattern scale here, combining large designs with small, precise ones.

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