Good Friends are Like Quilts II

They age with you but never lose their warmth…

After a week of block making during my spare time ,mainly trying out new blocks as I went along ,I finished both the dining table runner and the coffee table runner.

The colours are bright and beautiful.. I don’t usually use much black but this combination seems to pop . I’m loving the look of it.

I was going to follow a traditional pattern but you know me … I created as I went along… and the results not too bad in my book.

I sent a picture to the friend who is getting this and she absolutely loves them … I’m so happy 🤩

And now without much further ado … I present … Stardust

Dining table runner
Twinning … coffee table runner

9 thoughts on “Good Friends are Like Quilts II

  1. Lovely! The combination of black, white and pink is one of the eternal sparklers; no quilt in that combination will ever fail 🙂 The decision to bind in black was absolutely the right choice too. Good work!

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    1. I’m onto my next project now 😁
      A rag quilt for my sis and bro in law for their anniversary in February… it’s going to be fairly simple as she wants a large one and not a lap quilt… colours are green and white print with green FMQ …


      1. At some stage, your blocks will become smaller or more complicated as you discover the wish to challenge yourself and hone your skills. I think at that point, making it interesting, challenging and complex. refining your colour choices and refining your piecing skills might even win over your drive to finish and get on with the next one!

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