Those Saturday feels 😍

It’s lovely to get up on a Saturday morning knowing there are lots of things that need doing but being a weekend you feel free and know that even though you will get around doing what needs to be done you can take your time about it.

I love Saturday’s coz there’s another day left to the weekend. Even though I don’t really go “out” to work I feel more relaxed and languid….

On that note … here’s what I have accomplished during the week …

A Bench protector ready to be quilted for ScrapHappy day.
An anniversary present being made … a Rag Quilt for my sis
Last but not least a morning ritual with my hubby 😍



6 thoughts on “Those Saturday feels 😍

  1. Oooh, Lotus coffee bickies! I had a good session at DfG, bought your raffle tickets and got a bunch of squares cut for the *next* DfG quilt. Many, many more to go, but still, it’s a start!

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