Angel 😇 Food

I am addicted to Pinterest

One of the posts I saw yesterday intrigued me greatly. I love baking and if I find something quick and easy to do them I’m definitely hooked.

Apparently you can make cakes in a pie maker !!! Wonders never cease ! So I set about doing just that …

All you need is a packet of Vanilla cake … make the batter by following the instructions on the back and the preheat the pie maker and put a serving spoonful of the batter into base.

Close the lid and cook for 6-8 minutes & like magic you have these Devine fluffy cakes which once cool you dust it with icing sugar or you can cut them in half and put jam and whipped cream in between 🤩

Now tell me what’s not to LOVE about that 🥰

I’m going to make another batch tomorrow with the jam & cream 😁

And so the next day I decided to make these again for the kids … this time with the jam & cream

Oh the joy 🤩

7 thoughts on “Angel 😇 Food

  1. What, this batch didn’t last long enough for the jam and cream? I’d be interested to see how the Greens vanilla cupcake mix performs instead, as it’s designed to bake in smaller amounts, rather than the cake mix. Does your pie maker have adjustable heat?


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