And now it’s March

I’m a “glass half full kinda person” Life as we knew it came to a grinding halt this time last year …. it didn’t take much looking for me to find some good things….

Here’s a few things that I’ve taken for granted before but now appreciate….

1. Grocery shopping 🛒 . It was always a chore and since I have RA I had to be very very careful… so I reverted to online groceries being delivered to my door… it was a new experience to say the least as my local store is literally across the road from me … But now that we can go again it feels good …. coz I can see and feel everything. Amazing a everyday , mundane chore has new meaning !

2. FaceTime… my parents and sister live three houses away from me and yet I couldn’t visit them. Usually a Sunday evening visit for a cuppa was the routine after evening Mass but seeing as that couldn’t happen we had to revert to FaceTime… modern technology is wonderful where we can have hundreds of miles between us& yet feel we are all in the same room. All birthdays and all occasions were celebrated over FaceTime but now that we can visit again it’s amazing how again taking things for granted makes you appreciate what’s in front of you!!!

3. Hobbies …. now this was something that took up a whole lot of my time…. I had always wanted to start quilting and I did start at the end of February last year . But once Covid hit and restrictions were in place our footloose and fancy free days were over for the time being. I quilted and I quilted and this not only brought me a lot of peace it gave me a whole new meaning to staying home.

I think this last year has been important in so many ways …. it’s made us Appreciate literally everything around us ….

Covid has changed many many lives …. near and far. It’s been a year of trials for a lot & yet we have been able to dig deep and pull on reserves we never knew we had.

I have not bemoaned the terribleness of staying home as I’ve always been a homebody girl.

Happiness to me may not be happiness to you but we have all seen that living without some things has made us happier while other things has made us sadder …. in all this hustle we have actually had the time to look and listen and feel and to ask ourselves do we really need this …..

There is definitely a shift …. we now know what it means to take things for granted.


7 thoughts on “And now it’s March

  1. Up here, we’ve been so lucky. Yes, life has changed. I couldn’t tell you when I last went to the shopping centre and browsed. But I now know the names of people in the small local shops. We couldn’t travel interstate, so now we have discovered more ‘local jewels’ to visit. I couldn’t go and buy whatever I wanted, so I made do. It’s sometimes been difficult to see what hardships others have endured due to being confined so closely while we were lucky enough to move fairly freely, but like you, it has made me count my blessings. But I *still* won’t ship for groceries online until I absolutely have to….

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  2. Great minds think alike… only yesterday I was contemplating that we’ve clocked up a covid year. Of course, Victoria, Melbourne in particular bore the worst of Australi’s experience of it. A few things have changed for us. I think for the time being we’ll keep not wearing our wedding rings, which makes me a bit sad, but the hand sanitiser is no good for mine which are delicate, and plays havoc with the skin underneath the G.O.’s. We eat out even less than before, and only in outdoor settings. And I continue to avoid grocery shopping as much as possible. I’m grateful we’ve been able to resume doing some things we like, such as going to local markets. Like you, it’s the simple things!

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    1. It’s been 17 months since we’re allowed to cross borders and we are in Sutton NSW for the next few days for the Royal Enfield club AGM and when we passed the sign saying welcome to NSW out felt our wings were back again …


  3. What I’ve noticed the most is that families are together more, they do more together, study scriptures, play games, watch movies, just talk to each other more. That’s the good I’ve seen come of this pandemic time. There has been loss and grief and sadness, but there has also been joy.

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