From Cann River to Cape Conran… Marlo (I will visit & stay for sure) to Orbost… Newmerella… Tostaree… Nowa Nowa & then to Bruthen… there to stop for lunch.

We rode through rain & storms yesterday & today we rode through gale force winds . This trip has tried our endurance and riding skills every step of the way !!! The gusts of winds were literally lifting the front wheel of the bike !!! It never ceases to amaze me how skilled my husband is when it comes to controlling our motorcycle through every conceivable situation ! I’m always confident he will know what to do and he never ever fails.

This trip has been amazing as always no matter the weather…. we got to see first hand what Mother Nature can throw at you every minute of the day. It’s lovely when there’s perfect weather but it’s equally lovely to be riding in different conditions 🏍

Road conditions heading to Cann River
This was yesterday heading home

An experience like no other !!!

6 thoughts on “HOME STRETCH 🏍🏍🏍

  1. One of those things where you say “well, we’ve done that, we don’t need to do it again!” It sounds like an adventure, but I’m glad you did it with the benefit of age and experience, because it sounds as if a younger and more rash rider would have spilled you both. Glad you’re home safely, let’s talk later 🙂

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