SHIRO in Japanese means white or Castle.

In this case both meanings are appropriate as the quilt I have just made is White and the person I have made it for loves everything white…

Her name is Sarah & she’s my sons girlfriend. Her bedroom (which is her “Castle”) has everything white in it … so I think she will like what I have made her.

She loves the FMQ that I do & loves Rag quilts as well. Being white its been a process of being very careful so that it doesn’t get dirty. Well thank goodness I’ve not spoiled it !!


And so another gift done & the next one follows…..


4 thoughts on “SHIRO !

  1. Very, very pretty. It looks very soft, cosy and comfortable. I must talk to you about the best way to light a quilt like this so all your hard work is shown to advantage (ie, natural daylight, from the side, to show off the quilt texture).

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      1. That’s right. Some colours are very hard to photograph, and some combinations don’t work well in artificial light. Quilting is very hard to show well if you need to use a flash, for any reason. If you possibly can, always in daylight, indirect (so not the sun shining straight on it) and coming from the side a bit, which will help the quilting cast shadows so that you can see the detail. If you can’t get daylight, you need a lamp with a daylight bulb which is a whiter light, not so yellow as normal indoor lighting. I’ve learned such a lot over the years by making lots of mistakes. Time to pass on the learning!

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