Autumn is a second Spring …

When every leaf is a flower “

I love this season the best in Melbourne. The sun shines the most during this time but it doesn’t have the horrid bite of heat & dryness of summer.

It’s a time where you see nature turn right in front of your eyes. My favourite colours are orange & yellow & ochre… so you can imagine the joy my heart feels during this season !!


Crunchy Leaves 🍁


Chilly Nights


Cosy Sweaters 😍

Sigh 😌


4 thoughts on “🍂AUTUMN 🍂

  1. I’m happy for you but we’re in full Spring at the moment and looking forward to Summer so I’m not jealous 😉 although I will love Autumn too when it arrives.


  2. Beautifully captured and expressed. Autumn -except the part when the subtropics opts for the rainy version- is my favourite season, and the southern states do it even better… my favourite time to visit the ACT and Victoria. Fingers crossed for 2022 travels.

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