Old Things & New ✔️

This is the way of life…. There’s old & there’s new.I have a healthy appreciation of old as there’s so much history always attached to it along with love & nostalgia 🥰

I also love New…. It’s collecting history as each day passes…. New things that look old or have an ‘oldish’ feel to it also attracts me.

As all my posts are mostly about travel or quilting…. Surprise surprise it’s about quilting 🤩

The first on my list today is a new block …. I have a few fat quarters and a plain jelly roll which I got at a brilliant price from the US… I’m getting better (albeit by my own admission 😄) with colour combinations… I like this block and the others will be pretty close in colours & the pattern will stay the same.

This is the New…

The second is my iron…. It’s an oldie but a Goldie… Without a word of lie this iron is 50 years old!!!! My mum had always wanted to have a trousseau for both my little sis & myself and one of the first things she bought from her travels to Japan was this iron. The only thing that has ever been changed over the years has been the cord. This was given to me when I got married 28 years ago and it’s been used every day since then. It now sits at my sewing table and is used to iron my fabric & my blocks. My heart will break when it does eventually go but it’s had a very full life ☺️

The old ….

The last but by no means the least is the thread stand I bought from Amazon. I absolutely LOVE ❤️ it 😍 It’s got the ‘old’ feel to it even though it’s new. I need to buy more colours in thread but now I can see what I have instead of scrounging around in the drawer & the best part the thread does not get tangled!!

A beautiful day for me 🥰


5 thoughts on “Old Things & New ✔️

  1. Pretty colours in your economy block. I WILL get you better at points, it’s just a matter of practice and knowing a few tricks. With the thread stand, I always put the bobbin on the pin first, under the spool, so you can keep them both together. Gütermann spools have a sort of cupped end which is exactly the right size to fit over the bobbin. I have two stands, one for quilting thread (hand quilting, that is) and the other for machine sewing thread. You can’t mix them up, so it’s helpful to have two stands. (Hand quilting thread has a coating on it that mucks up your sewing machine, but makes quilting much easier.)

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      1. Many quilters never go there. I like it for certain types of project where I want a certain look, but I’m not sure your hands are up to a quilt. Maybe a table runner – it’s demanding on your wrists and fingers.

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