LUDO …. Pachisi

The game which I played a lot when I was a child has always been my favourite. The board is coloured with Red Blue Green & Blue.

It’s these colours that are very prominent in this quilt and makes me think of the game Ludo 🤩

My love of creating has brought about this quilt. its early days yet but all the blocks have been created and I’ve laid them out and I like what I see.

The colours are bold bright & oh so beautiful. As always I’m always working with limited pieces and need to mix and match so that I can get a decent sized quilt.

As always I was going one way & then as I worked I decided to break away from the formal to the informal.

Getting colours to blend and become one is a job not to take lightly & as time passes I’m getting slowly better at getting them to mix cohesively. I love primary colours & seeing them sit well together makes me happy.

And here I present….

Now to start the quilting process … I’ve got lots to do around the house today and am hoping I can sit and sew 🧵…. I’ll post again as soon as I’m done ❤️


3 thoughts on “LUDO …. Pachisi

  1. Red and blue will always play well together. It’s the touches of bright green that really lift it! Plus the fact that the more subdued prints give the eye somewhere to rest amongst the hectic contrast of the stronger colours and prints. Without that, it could get very overwhelming. Right now, it’s perfect.

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