And so it starts ….

262 days of lockdown has taken most of our year away… it’s been long and hard … but it’s also had it’s positive side… We have had work all the way through… the kids have had work all the way through … we have had lots of family time and lots of other things in between.

But with vaccination rates going up & up we have all been let out. We all need to live with the virus unfortunately and here’s praying that it becomes easier as time passes.

It’s the first time in a few months we have been able to head out into the country… something we love doing. Victoria is beautiful any time of year ( but then again I’m biased 😀), and when you have been under lock & key for so long it’s marvellous to get out.

We chose to come to a little town called Dargo…. located 348 kilometres east of Melbourne, in the Shire of Wellington. It’s a tiny little town with lots of green lush rolling hills all around. I found an Off Grid Retreat & we are here for some R&R for the next couple of nights 😍

6th November 2021


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