The making of DHUSAR

The meaning of the word Dhusar is Grey. There’s essentially two shades of grey in the prints that I picked up.

It’s a quilt I’m in the process of making for my daughters friend. She saw the one I had made my daughter & asked if I could make her one too.

All she said was she wanted it in Grey. As the colour pallet is so close I’ve added white into it. Once quilted I will join the blocks with white and bind with white as well. That should throw the grey out well…. I’m hoping.

Here’s a preview 🥰

Once complete I will post again 🤩


2 thoughts on “The making of DHUSAR

  1. Love the prints you’re using. One of my favourite things about grey is how many shades there are, and how they lean to blue, or green, or brown, or purple, whilst still remaining grey. Contrasting with white makes it fresh and pretty.

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