Nothing like the anticipation of an event or a day.

After finishing another quilt for another friend I’ve just realised it’s about two weeks away from Easter.

As I always love having something new to commemorate the occasion every year …. I want to carry on that tradition this year again.

Again nothing better than handmade. So out came the box with my fabric to see what I may have in Easter colours.

I have yellow….purple… and a combination of both …

So I got cutting and stitching to see what the cushion covers for my lounge would look like. There will be a matching table runner with the left over fabrics.

A preview 🤩

Once the seven covers and table runner is on I’ll post again 😍

…… 💖


5 thoughts on “I’M SO EGGSITED 🐣

      1. Spray the fabric thoroughly with starch before you cut or work with it. It will stretch and distort less. I like the Best Press lavender one best (not available in Spotlight, though ☹️)

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