This is worth a blog as it’s something very close to my heart ♥️

Motorcycle Trip from Melbourne (Victoria)- Perth (Western Australia) 9091kms in total & the places we visited across the country stole my heart. This place in particular was amazing!!!

And so a piece from my write up at the time ….


The icing on the cake …. THE LACE PLACE …The Margaret Blackburn Collection of Lace Since 1650.

There was a whole room devoted to LACE … almost all of it hand made and dating back to 1650…. an unbelievable collection of absolutely spectacular Lace. Anyone knowing me knows my love for Anything Lace … the delicate nature of the work along with the beauty that goes with it gives whatever it’s attached to an ethereal look & feel. Lace as far as I’m concerned would make the most drab outfit worthy of a second look and when you touch anything with lace it will make you immediately use a very gentle touch….. obviously I could go on & on about Lace & why I love it 🥰 but these pictures will give you some idea of the rapture I felt going through this place ….. I leave a piece of my heart in Hyden and every time I think of this place my mind will fill with the beauty of the LACE ♥️”

I could go on & on with pictures as I have at least 100…. But you can understand what I mean.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ”


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