I have always loved baking. I’m self taught and almost everything I make is Not perfect but my family loves eating what I create & so do I.

I don’t bake as much as I used to when the kids were in school . There were always after school snacks and freshly baked goods for after school sports. Not only did my kids enjoy the treats and gobble it all up but also my kids friends and their mums used to look out for my after school baking.

Hungry kids are the best …. They devour everything put in front of them and I enjoyed watching them relish it all 🤍

The one thing I have not stopped doing is making Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday. I get up at 6am and do the first mix and leave it to rise & go back to bed. I have been doing this from the first time I came to Australia 30 years ago and it starts my Days of Prayer till Easter Sunday perfectly.

Prayers for me is not only the traditional way …. Being kind to another person…. Helping wherever you can… & cooking and baking is another form of prayer for me. So today I Prayed…. With my heart & with my hands 🙏


9 thoughts on “GOOD FRIDAY TRADITION 🤍

  1. OOh!! They look lovely. I made hot cross buns once and I must say they beat the shop bought ones hands down. However, I must confess to buying a pack of chocolate orange ones and a pack of white chocolate and lemon ones from the supermarket this year and, if I’m honest, last year too. 😏

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