ScrapHappy May 2023

Good morning 👋

Cannot believe it’s been another month !!! And we are back to ScrapHappy posting.

It’s been a very busy month for this Nana and my heart overflows with love & joy for my granddaughter 💝

It’s been super hard to find time to devote to my sewing but I do make time as it’s a love I cannot put aside.

I’m not sure about the rest of the world but we here in the land down under celebrate Mother’s Day … and I had a project in mind for my son in law’s grandma who has come down to visit from Malaysia.

She is used to warm tropical climate and coming here in winter isn’t the best, so I made her a quilt to put over her knee as she sits and watches tv.

It’s a simple design and is made from scraps from a quilt cover I had made a year ago but never use as the colours are not to my hubby’s liking. So I cut it up and still have pieces left to make smaller things.

I have used the Rag Quilting style as it’s warm and cosy 🩵

Here’s to the next ScrapHappy post and hopefully I can make something else in between 🤩

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