Melbourne to Bordertown 🏍

It’s that time again …. Motorcycle trip for the National Rally . It’s been 2 years since the last one and everyone knows the reason !!!! Virus… lockdowns…. Etc etc….

Needless to say it’s exciting to know we are going to be seeing our club friends from all over Australia after two long years 🤩

Mannum is almost 800kms away from Melbourne and with all good intentions I had told hubby we would ride that distance in a day. As the day to leave got closer I felt I would be pushing myself over the limit if I did the ride in one go. 800kms meant leaving at 5am when it’s dark and a good 12-13 hours of riding with a fair few stops in between. I have done 700km rides in a day before and I know how much it takes out of me & while it’s extremely exhausting for me imagine how exhausting it is for husband who by far and large is really doing all the heavy lifting…

To paint a picture…

The machine carrying us is 331kgs in weight … fuel capacity 29L….length 90inchs… width 37 inches… height 52 inches….

Now add two humans approximately 140kgs & Top box fulls of a weeks clothes with Labtop… 2 Panniers … one with food stuff & the other with tools shoes etc …

So all up it’s a lot of machine & added weight. This my husband manoeuvres through an hour or so of heavy morning traffic and then rides for the number of kms in the day. I sit behind him and drink in the views around taking pics & videos on my GoPro strapped to my wrist. For me it’s a relaxed day as I have nothing to do but sit behind him and try and look pretty 🤩

Now if I feel exhausted imagine how he must be feeling without actually knowing it… I know he can ride for hours and hours but knowing how tired I get I’m guessing his body and mind would be as well. So breaking up the ride over two days does make a bit of sense.

We rode the bigger block of 500 kms yesterday and have another 300 today. Arriving in Mannum we will hit the ground running as we will be meeting up with everyone at the Meet&Greet scheduled for 4pm. There to stay for 3 nights before we head home 🏠

Our beautiful beast loaded !
South Australia Border
Coffee breaks
Distance left to travel
Canola fields all round

Today we look forward to meeting the rest of the gang and spend the next few days with them enjoying their company 🥰


6 thoughts on “Melbourne to Bordertown 🏍

  1. Envy… but not really. I’d have been screaming by 400kms. I envy you the adventure and the meet-up, but not the ride. As Dale says, even in a car, I need to stop and walk around every 2 hours. Looking forward to the forthcoming posts about the Rally Weekend!

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      1. I enjoy it right up to the point where it locks and there’s shooting pains down my legs, and then I HAVE to stop. Which isn’t always convenient… Congrats on the award, by the way!

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