ScrapHappy January 2021

Well it’s time again and as I missed last month I simply could not miss this month …

The runner that I have made is called my 2020 WRAP… coz it has all the scraps from all my 2020 projects.

As I’ve made a fair few quilts and gifts over the year I don’t have them here with me to look at or feel. This runner will be a reminder of all things made last year.

I haven’t actually set it out making sure colours match … I’ve just pulled them out of the stacks of scraps I have now and free motion quilted them on the batting. It’s turned out bright and has a stained glass look to it which I love.

Here’s to more ScrapHappiness next month 🤩

Kate , Gun, Titti, Heléne, Eva, Sue, Lynn, Lynda,
Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy, Tracy, Jill, Claire, Jan,
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Sue L, Sunny, Kjerstin, Vera (Me!) Nanette, Ann and Kym

A Star 🌟 in my Galaxy 🌌 1

ScrapHappy April is complete … my Shiro quilt is complete now onto the next one. This one is for me !!!

It’s a simple simple one and I’m using the same fabric I used for my Starry Night hexie runner and I’m mixing it up with plain blue and it’s all squares. I want to try my hand at QAYG and was thinking this will be a good way.

I have done FMQ on the top (no surprises there🤩) I’ve only done one square at the moment as as we are off on the motorcycle for a weekend trip 🏍🏍

Here’s a preview 🌟




SHIRO in Japanese means white or Castle.

In this case both meanings are appropriate as the quilt I have just made is White and the person I have made it for loves everything white…

Her name is Sarah & she’s my sons girlfriend. Her bedroom (which is her “Castle”) has everything white in it … so I think she will like what I have made her.

She loves the FMQ that I do & loves Rag quilts as well. Being white its been a process of being very careful so that it doesn’t get dirty. Well thank goodness I’ve not spoiled it !!


And so another gift done & the next one follows…..

ScrapHappy April

It’s here again … the time of month I love coz I see all the lovely ScrapHappiness 🤩

My contribution this month is another table runner…. 🌟 I find this a lovely way of trying new blocks as it’s not too big and I can see results pretty quickly.

I had bought this layer cake from spotlight . There was only one in the bin and I grabbed it as it was cheap as chips. I made a wall hanging and had some pieces left over so decided I would use it making a runner as these make the best presents as well.

My sis has been using the Christmas runner I made her and she doesn’t want to take it off 🤦‍♀️. So I decided this scrappy one will be hers. Hopeful she likes it 🤩

Here’s to the next month of ScrapHappiness 💝

Kate Gun,Eva, Sue,Lynn,Lynda,
Birthe,Turid,Susan,Cathy, Tracy,Jill,
Claire,Jan, Moira,Sandra, Chris, Alys,
KerryAustralia, Claire, Jean, Jon,Hayley, Dawn,
Gwen,Bekki,Sue L,Sunny,Kjerstin,
Vera (Me!) Nanette, Ann,Nancy, Dawn 2,Noreen,
Bear,Carol,Preeti and Edith

Starry Starry Night 🌌

I’ve got a few projects on the go at the moment & I popped into spotlight on Sunday to buy some more thread….

Going into spotlight means one definite thing and that’s to look at the specials bin… sure enough there were lots of things there I wanted to buy…😃

There were cut pieces in bundles and looked perfect for hexies… there were only two lots of 40 pieces about 3” square… i looked at them and picked them up and put them back again but I couldn’t resist… I just had to bring them home with me. I love making table runners and table mats so thought I could think up something when I brought it home.

I started covering the paper pieces and put them into bundles and once those were done I decided on this …..

When it’s all put together it reminds me of a starry starry night 🌟🤩🌟


A blessing …..

With my dad

The ones who know you the best …

With my mum

And loves you the most 💝

My hubster ❤️

Family … people who know you are a good egg ….

My little sis ❤️

….. even though you are slightly cracked….

Food for the soul

…..or sometimes slightly scrambled 🤩


March Quilting

It’s a wrap …. not as much as I usually do as we are not housebound anymore … there’s a bit of freedom now and weekends are being taken up with motorcycle meets and family get togetherness so I’m going a bit slower than normal 😃

A baby quilt for a little girl being born in July … this one is for my hairdresser
Easter cushion covers for myself
A wall hanging covering part of the wall in my bedroom that has an injury 😄
A set of cushion covers for a friend

Here’s to the month of April 😍


From Cann River to Cape Conran… Marlo (I will visit & stay for sure) to Orbost… Newmerella… Tostaree… Nowa Nowa & then to Bruthen… there to stop for lunch.

We rode through rain & storms yesterday & today we rode through gale force winds . This trip has tried our endurance and riding skills every step of the way !!! The gusts of winds were literally lifting the front wheel of the bike !!! It never ceases to amaze me how skilled my husband is when it comes to controlling our motorcycle through every conceivable situation ! I’m always confident he will know what to do and he never ever fails.

This trip has been amazing as always no matter the weather…. we got to see first hand what Mother Nature can throw at you every minute of the day. It’s lovely when there’s perfect weather but it’s equally lovely to be riding in different conditions 🏍

Road conditions heading to Cann River
This was yesterday heading home

An experience like no other !!!