Bright… Cheerful …Hopeful …Optimistic Promising….

Words I think of when I look at these colours.

A quilt inspired by my friend Kate. She is the one who gave me the courage to get started and keeps encouraging me each and every time.

Her latest quilt “Twilight” has stars in my eyes and following her latest blog I thought it would be a wonderful way to tutor myself into making a similar one for myself.

Now believe me I am her ardent follower but by no means am I even close to her level of skill and expertise….

I started with the same window blocks but added another row. I have followed the patterns as best I can seeing as I have limited colours to work with.

I’ve planned this quilt the two jelly rolls I picked up at half price from spotlight… I had left over squares in blue from a previous project and it seems like it’s worked.

I’ve enjoyed making the blocks and putting them together… I’ve used a simple QAYG method and it seems to have worked ….

The border is in blue as I’ve run out of the pinkish colours in the jelly roll. The blue seems to bring out the pink in the quilt so I’m happy…

Without further ado I present ….

The colours are bright and beautiful and pretty 😍


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  1. Oh, well done! It’s so fresh and pretty, and you’ve made good use of the colours you had and a strict colour palette. I bet you have sweet dreams under that! The block’s an easy one, but very effective if you select your colours carefully. I’ll be starting to quilt my version in the next few days, now that I’ve been able to lay my hands on the 505 basting spray at last!

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