Blue Blue my heart is true 💙

Quilt #5 is in progress. Yes another Rag Quilt.. this one is for my youngest who loves blue & likes the Rag style as it ‘makes her feel warm & Cosy’

Well what they want isn’t usually what they get … but this time it is 🤩

I love the print as well …

Hoping to finish this by the end of the week as she keeps asking 😄


Left over Monday 🧵

I finished my first Rag Quilt on Friday … it was washed and dried and put on my sons bed …

Sunday I never went near my machine … quite unheard of but there were other pressing things to get done …

So come Monday I’m looking at the scraps left from the rag quilt and I sat down on Pinterest to see what I could make with it.

The following item emerged a couple of hours later… needless to say it’s another “Raggy” piece but as I’m thinking of making a pile of small pieces to give as gifts … best time to get started…

Onwards we go ….

Memories in a Quilt 😍

Wherever you go becomes a part of your soul …

This was the first quilt I had started making when I began quilting… lots of learning in between and lots of snags while doing it … but I can never leave anything unfinished and so it’s ready … I can still see lots of things that need improving but as it was my first attempt I’m still very happy … this is going to be my travel quilt so lots of happy snuggly times ahead 😍

The pieces laid out
It’s complete!

Scrappy Days 🤩

Working with scraps has a charm of its own … you look at colours and designs and make pictures in your head as to what it will look like and then when you make it that picture becomes real.

My addiction to all things quilting is fast becoming an obsession…😃 … if I’m not sewing I’m reading about it or looking at Pinterest or watching YouTube videos… everything is a learning curve for me and I’m loving it 😍

I can see the mistake in my purple patches.. should have been opposite each other … I’m learning slowly but surely 🤩
First cushion cover ever made by me with scraps 🥰

Here’s to the next project!!!