Good Morning….A beautiful day to relax & catch up on much needed stretching of limbs as we had covered 1230kms in 2 days.

It poured with rain that evening and we even had a power cut. But of course that would never ever phase us … Jonathan cooked dinner by the light of our little battery pack…..thank goodness all appliances were gas !!

There is absolutely no phone coverage at all out here and being off social media makes it easier to listen & pay attention to everything around you.

it was refreshing just sitting and and doing nothing …

We are off for a walk around the park. Lets see how much we can cover….

Those clouds !!!!
Out & about
Dinner at Rawnsley

Never Ride Faster than your Angel can Fly #2

Day 2

Another amazing day…. We had a long day ahead of us so it was an early start for us.We head out of Mildura …this time it was bright as we didn’t want to ride country roads at dawn or dusk as the Roo’s & Emu’s come out to play then.

We did see a lot of road kill & a fair few Emu’s prancing around … but thankfully they never ventured onto the road.

We left Victoria behind & rode into South Australia.we rode through Paringa & Renmark… this was a quarantine point where we had to stop and get our luggage inspected.

Tarlee…. Morgan….Burra….Whyte….Yarcowie….Terowie…Peterborough…Orroroo & then Hawker.We stopped and did bit of grocery shopping & then rode on toRawnsley Park Station.

Overlooking the southern side of Wilpena Pound, this park is the perfect base to explore the Flinders Ranges. We visited this station as it was meant to be a gathering of our club members… however it was only my hubby & me who ended up there.

3 years ago we had stayed at another cattle station called Merna Mora and we had explored the Flinders Rages extensively then. So this time it was going to be a relaxing 2 days before we hit the road again.

So again another solid day of riding with some extremely strong winds going from Hawker to Rawnsley … but we made it in one piece.

we had covered another 600kms today and I was ready for a couple of days of walking and reading and generally doing nothing.



A MOTORCYCLE trip from east to west & back again in Australia. 19Th September

Day 1:

This trip is something we have wanted to do for many years and being my hubby’s 60th birthday we decided this was the year …!!!

Our bags were packed and it was a feat as we had a top box & two side paniers to hold clothes/food & water/tools for a months worth of travel… we left home at 5am so as to beat the morning traffic and not get stuck on the freeway.

We started with a morning temperature of 7 degrees but by the time we got to Kyneton it had dropped to 1 degree…. talk about freezing !!!! We stopped for a cuppa and a couple of egg sangas. anyone knowing us will know we rarely eat out and having a sandwich in our food bag takes us a very long way.

Back on the bike and we keep going.We ride through small Victorian towns called Lockwood…Bridgewater on Lodden…Wedderburn…Teddywaddy….Wycheproof….Berriwillock…Sea lake & then stop at Nullawil where we see our first Silo Art.. It was a good opportunity to stretch our legs once more & take in the awesome art.

We get to our first nights stop in Mildura, having covered 630kms overall. not a bad days riding with spectacular weather.

ScrapHappy June

Good morning. This is my first ScrapHappy post and thanks to Kate I’m now part of the ScrapHappy group.

I am a very new quilter and have years and years of quilting yet to be caught up with but since I started in March of this year I’ve enjoyed every minute.

I started with an old duvet cover and a few old pillow cases as I needed to start with cutting and joining to see if I had what it took.

One quilt later and a couple of table runners and place mats ( these were hand sewn with hexies) I had a fair few scraps left.

If I’m not sewing I’m reading about quilting or watching YouTube videos about the different types of quilting I could learn.

The placement I have made out of scraps has two processes involved in it … Paper Piecing & Prairie Points. It was a combination of machine sewing and hand sewing. It was my first attempt and I’m quite pleased with it.

It sits on my coffee table under the vase

Here’s to the next ScrapHappy project next month !

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