Colours That Make Me Smile :))

Because when you stop & look at things that you create you can see that life is pretty amazing.

It never ceases to amaze me how much each piece I make steals a piece of my heart. This quilt started out being a gift but now that’s its completed I’m not so sure….

Yes the colours make my heart sing… so I’m thinking I’ll be keeping this one for myself… seeing as one of my sofas does not have a quilt gracing the back of it…. this way anyone sitting on any sofa has a lovely warm quilt to snuggle into :))

What do you think ??


ScrapHappy August

Well its been a month already & the love for All things Quilt continues. We are in Stage 4 lockdown for another 4 & a half weeks !!! Hopefully the numbers will come down …

This cushion cover came about as one of my first few scrappy pieces. I had tried my hand at a quilted quilt cover and long story short I had these scraps left over.

I love bright colours and these colours make my heart sing 🎶

Heres to another month of quilting…..

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