Kergunyah is a locality in north eastern Victoria. The locality is on the Kiewa Valley Highway, 353 kilometres (219 mi) north east of the state capital, Melbourne. At the 2016 census Kergunyah had a population of 215

The town is a centre for (mainly) dairy farms and includes a post office agent, caravan park and general store, community hall and Uniting Church. The Kergunyah Streamside Reserve is a popular swimming area on a bend in the Kiewa River.

The town was home to the Kergunyah Football Club which was established in 1923.


The caravan we are staying in
Serenity Now 😍

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  1. I’m delighted to see you’re hooked up to power and water. Even serenity has its limits! But Aaargh! Where is the coffee machine? Seriously, though, have loads of fun, and welcome to life on the *other* two wheels.

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  2. Oh, that brings back great memories of our years of full time living on the road. That is a nice set up in that trailer, too. It looks like a great place to spend some quiet time.

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