Cann River

A coffee break

The rain fell all night and has been doing so for the last few days as NSW is gripped in severe storms…
we in O’Connor (15 minutes out of Canberra) had consistent and persistent heavy drizzle…

Time to head out towards Victoria but the weather did not look any brighter than yesterday. We have ridden in rain but never this relentless drizzle which resembles heavy rain when travelling on a motorcycle. Wet weather gear over our normal riding gear makes you feel like Michelan Man to say the least but better to be dry than wet ….

Distance to travel to Cann River is 296kms but with wind and rain it feels a lot longer than that. Needless to say you need to keep your eyes peeled and your senses alert !!
We stopped a couple of times as I was cold and circulation was very poor but oh did I get spectacular pics !!!! Cold and frozen fingers did not stop me 🤩 & taking pictures when it’s sunny is one thing but when it’s rainy the beauty is very very different.

We took a different route this time and rode with hills on either side of the highway. The clouds hung low and you could barely see the top of the hills but the views were no less spectacular…. my visor kept fogging up while the rain poured over it … I had to lift it a crack to stop the fogging so ended up with a very cold wet nose 😄
Five hours later we arrived at this little town called Cann River

Cann River is a town in the East Gippsland region of Victoria in Australia. The town is located on the Cann River at the junction of the Princes Highway and the Monaro Highway, in the Shire of East Gippsland. At the 2016 census, Cann River had a population of 194 people.

Here to stay the night before the home stretch tomorrow 🏍


4 thoughts on “Cann River

  1. Gosh, that water does look awfully high. Do keep an eye out during the evening. Stay safe, dry-ish and warm-ish (I know the latter two are hard on the bike!). I tried you around lunchtime your time on Duo, but you must have been on the bike.

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    1. We are lovely and warm at the moment… tomoz will be another story I’m sure …
      It’s been relentless rain … there hasn’t been a break even for a single second !!
      Yes I saw the missed call sorry was on the bike. I meant to ring you when I got here but by the time we sorted all the wet clothes and hot showers I was pooped. Pray for good weather on our last leg 🥰

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  2. We really liked Cann River… the bakery, as I mentioned, and it was a nice stopover for a short exploration -there was a good second hand shop at the time we visited- and walking around. A nice church too… who doesn’t love a nice church!

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    1. I went for a walk even though the drizzle just did not stop. I had seen the bakery as we rode into our motel but by the time we got out of our wet clothes and had hot showers and a hot cuppa it was closed… it’s always the tiniest of towns that have so much character and charm 😍


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