Birthday 🎂 #55

The anniversary of the day on which a person was born, typically treated as an occasion for celebration and the giving of gifts.

Definitely the anniversary of the day I was born 55 years ago !!! Just saying the number makes my eyes 👀 widen coz it seems like such a large one. But in saying that my mind feels like I’m a young ‘chook’ though my body says otherwise 😀

The “typically” treated occasion for celebrations…. hard as we are in lockdown again 🤦‍♀️…. but nonetheless I celebrated & what a couple of days it was ….

I celebrate life every day in my life and always have. My clouds always have silver linings … I know life will always have good days and bad days but my good days always take centre stage and always will.

I started my birthday celebrations with visiting The Australian Garden on Sunday … a place spectacular to say the least. It was within my 10km radius and my hubby & I walked and walked and walked. It was cold but the sun was out and the afternoon was glorious 🤩

THE BIG DAY …. 7th June dawned cold but beautiful. It’s the first time in 28 years we did not have a long weekend for the queen’s birthday… & fitting as being in lockdown there wasn’t too much we could really do… first time in 28 years I have not had a party 🎊…. but I had an amazing day !!!

It started with me looking up and giving thanks for another full & busy year . Looking up at the clouds is the most restful thing for me. The constant movement and changes in the sky gives me perspective and keeps me wondering about the ever changing things in our lives…. makes me think that no matter what the day holds for me the clouds will keep moving and the skies will keep changing….my life is part of that and as long as I look up the rotations will keep me grounded.

The next thing that happened was a knock at the door, and on opening it I saw this present at my door which my friend had dropped off …😍

Then my day started… I went for a walk in the park & two friends met me to walk and exercise and wish me for my birthday 🥳

Then my sister called me and again I walked … this time in the park nearer my house & couldn’t resist the next pic with the trees dropping their leaves ..

It’s been a birthday of walking and talking but what a day it was !!!

The evening brought me the best present of all … family time. The kids cooked me dinner and then we cut cake while zooming with my parents and sister as they couldn’t visit.

All in all my birthday exceeded all my expectations & here’s to the next year of love & laughter.