Melbourne’s Freedom Friday!


ScrapHappy OCTOBER 2021

Another month here & it’s that time again….all the lovely ScrapHappy posts are going up 😍

This month I have two to share with everyone…

The first one is a bit different from the usual….


It’s made from old pallets we had lying in our backyard for a while as it was used for delivering retaining blocks .
The top is made from leftover bamboo floorboards & the bar stool on the right is also made from pieces of timber lying around from previous projects 🤩

The second is a scrappy table runner which looks very “Christmassy” & I’ll be using it for sure 😍It’s made from two pillow cases my mum gave me with a matching quilt( which I’m still to cut up & use ) It’s lovely and bright & definitely a keeper !

As you can see it looks perfect on my table!

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Until next time 🙏🎶🙏

Oh Joy 🎶

For someone who is a “homebody” I am a person who likes to travel. We have now completed almost 260 days in lockdown and have been given the title of the most lockdown city in the world. I do realise it is something that has needed to happen to control the virus that is so rampant in Victoria however it has put a damp cloth on our travels.

We have been given a few liberties one of which now is being able to travel 15 km from home. As a result I was determined to use that 15 km this weekend to get out and actually do something that I enjoy which surprise surprise is being on the bike.

Keeping a keen eye on the weather my initial plan was to go for a bike ride with my husband on our red bike to any beach which was 15 km away from us. However we propose and the kids dispose… Our eldest needed her father and brother to help out with some hands-on work which only boys can do according to her. I of course would not attempt even though I would have loved to help…. As a result the day was taken up and our plans to head out was put on hold.

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful and after a cuppa Jonathan and we donned our riding gear which was quite alien to say the least ,as it’s been almost 4 months since we’ve actually put on any riding gear. We headed out and enjoyed the wind in our hair (through the helmet) 😃

I would have loved it to be the wide open roads that we are so used to … but the very fact that we were actually on the motorcycle and riding … it didn’t really matter where we were going.

And so we ended up at the beach in Seaford where again there were lots of people around but everybody was wearing their masks and they were in their groups of twos and threes . The beach being nice and open lots of people could still take joy in the great outdoors.

Motorcycle gear is not the best to walk around in but hand-in-hand we did stroll and as always I had the best time taking pictures. It was a lovely day spent doing what we enjoy doing the most and thankful that we are well and safe and even though we feel restricted it is for our own safety. Things seem to be looking up including the number of virus’ here but we all seem to be on track and getting vaccinated and looking towards living a Covid normal. 

Here’s to another 2 1/2 weeks of lockdown and then a few more freedoms….

Pink 💝

This little girl is due at the end of this month and I’m very good friends with her soon to be Granma.

How else do I show my love and anticipation for the little one except by doing what I love 💕

A baby quilt and this one has soft lace on it. It’s a simple one but I love the colours & simplicity of it.

And so I present “ Pink”