ScrapHappy January 2022

Good morning & Happy New Year ScrapHappy friends 🤍

Glad to say quilting is still very much my happy place. It’s a new year and I’m looking forward to a new year of ScrapHappiness 😍

This Tote is made from a piece of material which is over 20 years old !!! It’s material I bought with me back from India on one of my trips back to my place of birth. It’s been used as a bed cover & then moved onto a table sheet when entertaining outdoors… it’s been sitting in my cupboard for a while now and I’ve been loathe to give it away or throw it out. It holds a nostalgic place in my heart ♥️

What better way to reuse the nostalgia than by making something for someone. A previous post has given you the story about that friend and our lives over the last 27 years. ….

At the moment I’m sitting in a holiday house in Rye and writing this post. It’s a big weekend for my family as it’s the start & lead up to my eldest daughter’s wedding next month. We are at a family Hen’s Weekend and enjoying every minute of it. But sitting on the bed in our very ‘fancy’ bedroom I had to take time out to write this post. There is no way I would miss out on our shared ScrapHappiness 😍

Blogging while sipping our coffee 🤍

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See you next time for more scrappy loveliness.


Quilting 2022 #2

This quilt is for a little girl yet to be born. Her mum is a close friend and as soon as she told me her daughter was expecting I thought of making a quilt ( it’s not like I need an excuse 🤗).

We met for coffee and she told me about it and we both spoke at the same time … Me saying “I’ll make her Grand baby a quilt” & She saying “Would you make my grand child a quilt”

Great minds do think alike and we hugged and laughed and reminisced about when we first met 28 years ago… The little girl who is now having a baby I met when she was 2 years old … leaning over a Hymn book in church standing in the pew … her parents not far away. She was reading it so avidly and turned the page so reverently.. I was fascinated just watching her….

It was only after she looked up and smiled at me that I leaned over to say hello and realized the book was upside down 🥰.

That story has been told to her so so many times and that was how I met her mum and how we became friends. 28 years on we meet at least once a month and catch up for coffee or lunch depending on how much time we both have to spare. We pick up conversations where we left off and our lives even though not entwined will always and forever be entwined.

Now that little girl is going to have a little girl of her own and the one thing this “Grand Aunty”can give her is a hug with a handmade quilt.

I need to also mention that I have used QAYG method of joining and I have to thank Kate as she’s the one who has taught me pretty much all I know in quilting and helps me all the time. She is my mentor and a super dooper friend 🥰 . I’m liking this method of joining the pieces as she promised me I would. THANK YOU KATE 💝

And so now I present…

And so it starts 🤩

A sheet lying in my cupboard for a very long time … it’s meant to be a bed cover. It was too small to cover my bed.

It’s a printed cotton sheet I brought with me from India. I’ve used it a few times as a table sheet and when one of my friends asked if I could make her a bag with black in it my mind lit up 🤩

The pattern is something I’ve seen on Facebook many times … I thought I would try it out.

I’m sure as I make more my hand will set but I’m quite happy with the results.

I have enough left to make another bag and the scraps will be lovely to use in a hexie cushion cover … lots of little projects floating around the New Year Brain 😍

2022 … Project 1