This is worth a blog as it’s something very close to my heart ♥️

Motorcycle Trip from Melbourne (Victoria)- Perth (Western Australia) 9091kms in total & the places we visited across the country stole my heart. This place in particular was amazing!!!

And so a piece from my write up at the time ….


The icing on the cake …. THE LACE PLACE …The Margaret Blackburn Collection of Lace Since 1650.

There was a whole room devoted to LACE … almost all of it hand made and dating back to 1650…. an unbelievable collection of absolutely spectacular Lace. Anyone knowing me knows my love for Anything Lace … the delicate nature of the work along with the beauty that goes with it gives whatever it’s attached to an ethereal look & feel. Lace as far as I’m concerned would make the most drab outfit worthy of a second look and when you touch anything with lace it will make you immediately use a very gentle touch….. obviously I could go on & on about Lace & why I love it 🥰 but these pictures will give you some idea of the rapture I felt going through this place ….. I leave a piece of my heart in Hyden and every time I think of this place my mind will fill with the beauty of the LACE ♥️”

I could go on & on with pictures as I have at least 100…. But you can understand what I mean.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ”


ScrapHappy September 2022

Good morning and it’s that time again 🤩

It’s been a crazy month with lots of entertaining and travel…. & as a result not too much sewing has been going on. Needless to say my RA has had a fair few flare ups and it’s not been comfortable to say the least.

Kate always says I don’t need to have a ScrapHappy post each month but I love being here every 15th sharing with all my ScrapHappy friends 💖.

I do spend a lot of time on Pinterest when I’m sitting and relaxing and I always look for little projects that are quick and easy and there’s lots that are perfect for a ScrapHappy post.

I did make a few things over the last few days and each with lots of scrappy pieces and unused fat quarters that have been in my drawer for a few months now… (when fat quarters are going for $1.50 how could you resist picking them up !!!!)


A ScrapHappy Bread basket ? …. Muffin Basket? PERFECT FOR A PICNIC!


Used to covering our books with brown paper. Now my favourite read has a scrappy cover 😍


Last but not least a Christmas start… not sure what I will do with it yet… it’s too big for a cushion cover so may make it into a wall hanging. I still have to back it and quit it… & stitch in the ditch seems to be the best I think.

Some of the lovely people who post are listed below 🥰😍❤️

Kate, Gun, Eva, Sue,Lynda,
Birthe,Turid,Susan,Cathy, Tracy,
Jill, Jan, Moira,Sandra, Chris, Alys,
Claire, Jean, Jon, Dawn, Jule, Gwen,
Sunny,Kjerstin, Sue L, Vera,(me)
Nanette, Ann, Dawn 2, Carol,
Preeti, Debbierose, Nóilin and Viv

Here’s to lots more ScrapHappiness 💖


Sunday was another gorgeous day altogether. The skies were a bright blue and the sun was out in all its glory 🌞

We started the day with a meet for a morning chat @ 8.30 & then we all dispersed to decide how we wanted to spend our day.

The MANNUM MARKETS were on just outside the caravan park and oh what joy it brought me ….just as we entered the markets there was a table with jelly rolls & fat quarters!!!! I mean how utterly amazing was that ! My only sadness was I could not buy all that was on the table as I was restricted for space … so I ended up with two jelly rolls , one in black and white & the other in red. ❤️

The gorgeous morning sun 🌞

We then went to pick up our tickets to go on our morning ride on the Paddle Steamer called the Mayflower. The boat was booked out by the club and there were 30 of us going on the cruise on the Mighty Murray!

The Paddle
The Mighty Murray

The cruise took an hour and a half and the morning was so beautiful & peaceful 🥰 We got off and toured the museum with the old steam engines at work. My hubby could have spent all day there but I was hungry so a few of us went to a quaint cafe for lunch.

A few at the cafe for lunch

The evening brought “The Stragglers” to the camp kitchen to have one last catch up before we all go our separate ways around Australia 🇦🇺

It’s been three years since we have been able to get together and it was very heart warming to be together again ….

‘Here’s the months that turned into years with the friends that turn into family’

Some of us ladies 🤩

Bring on 2023 …. 💝


It’s been an awesome few days on our trip.

Mannum is a historic town on the west bank of the Murray River in South Australia, 84 kilometres (52 mi) east of Adelaide.

The Aboriginal inhabitants and traditional owners of the vicinity now called Mannum were the Nganguruku (Nganguruga), part of the larger Ngayawung community.[4] In 1830 the Sturtexpedition passed through the area by boat.

No Europeans visited again until 25 January 1838 when the expedition of Dr George Imlay and John Hill, on horseback from Adelaide, became the first to reach the Murray overland within South Australia.[5]They noted that the thriving Indigenous population were very keen fisherfolk.[6]

The first European settlement in the area was in 1840. The first ship (a side-wheel paddle steamer) built on the Murray River was launched at Mannum by William Randell in 1852. A shipbuilding industry continued in Mannum until into the 20th century. William Randell is memorialised by the preservation of the rectangular boiler from the paddle wheeler Mary Ann in the town’s recreation park. His dry dockheld the Marion, an 1897 built paddle wheeler; managed by the National Trust of South Australia as a museum. The Marion left active service in 1950 and spent until 1963 as a boarding house.[7] The Marion was recommissioned in 1994 and currently operates as a daytrip and overnight cruising vessel along the Murray.

A number of other manufacturing industries were established in the town, and some continue; although not as large as they once were. The largest heavy manufacturing company was David Shearer(later Horwood-Bagshaw) who made farm equipment.

There’s lots more history about this beautiful little town but that would take too long.

Yesterday we did a bit of tourist stuff… went to the Lookout & then to the Falls…

MANNUM Lookout
The Falls

And then onto the Motor Museum…

The evening brought an amazing surprise!!! We won an award !!! I mean seriously this was the biggest surprise and one that was least expected 🤩

Being called Member of the Year is very special ❤️

All up the trip so far has been awesome 🤩

More tomorrow on today’s adventures 😍

Melbourne to Bordertown 🏍

It’s that time again …. Motorcycle trip for the National Rally . It’s been 2 years since the last one and everyone knows the reason !!!! Virus… lockdowns…. Etc etc….

Needless to say it’s exciting to know we are going to be seeing our club friends from all over Australia after two long years 🤩

Mannum is almost 800kms away from Melbourne and with all good intentions I had told hubby we would ride that distance in a day. As the day to leave got closer I felt I would be pushing myself over the limit if I did the ride in one go. 800kms meant leaving at 5am when it’s dark and a good 12-13 hours of riding with a fair few stops in between. I have done 700km rides in a day before and I know how much it takes out of me & while it’s extremely exhausting for me imagine how exhausting it is for husband who by far and large is really doing all the heavy lifting…

To paint a picture…

The machine carrying us is 331kgs in weight … fuel capacity 29L….length 90inchs… width 37 inches… height 52 inches….

Now add two humans approximately 140kgs & Top box fulls of a weeks clothes with Labtop… 2 Panniers … one with food stuff & the other with tools shoes etc …

So all up it’s a lot of machine & added weight. This my husband manoeuvres through an hour or so of heavy morning traffic and then rides for the number of kms in the day. I sit behind him and drink in the views around taking pics & videos on my GoPro strapped to my wrist. For me it’s a relaxed day as I have nothing to do but sit behind him and try and look pretty 🤩

Now if I feel exhausted imagine how he must be feeling without actually knowing it… I know he can ride for hours and hours but knowing how tired I get I’m guessing his body and mind would be as well. So breaking up the ride over two days does make a bit of sense.

We rode the bigger block of 500 kms yesterday and have another 300 today. Arriving in Mannum we will hit the ground running as we will be meeting up with everyone at the Meet&Greet scheduled for 4pm. There to stay for 3 nights before we head home 🏠

Our beautiful beast loaded !
South Australia Border
Coffee breaks
Distance left to travel
Canola fields all round

Today we look forward to meeting the rest of the gang and spend the next few days with them enjoying their company 🥰