PARVATI 🍞 II Focaccia

After rehydrating my starter I needed to now start on my first loaf. I was nervous to say the least…. but I definitely wanted to use the starter.

Thus my first Focaccia was born …..

100g starter

10g salt

440g water

Stir to combine

512g flour

Stir to form a sticky dough ball

Cover for 8-18 hours

When it doubles drizzle olive oil on it

Deflate by pulling from sides to centre.

Second rise in a lined tray 5-6 hours

Dimple / stretch and oil & salt

Bake @ 218degrees for 25 minutes

Ingredients measured and mixed
10 hours later
Ready for the second rise
Baked and ready

There’s nothing left !!!!!



My Sourdough Journey

I was asked by a friend if I wanted some sourdough starter and as I love baking and absolutely love making bread I of course said yes.

A few days later my dehydrated starter arrived from NSW with instructions on how to rehydrate.

I was excited to start a new & hopefully lifelong journey into another form of creating 😍

I was also told that when starters are shared they usually come with a name and would be nice for me to name mine 😊

Chatting with another friend about this journey she suggested the name PARVATI.

The name PARVATI means OF THE MOUNTAIN & is of Indian origin. She is a Hindu Goddess of fertility love and devotion.

What better name than that as it rings true to both my heritage and the fact that this starter will be the beginning of many a happy hours of making and baking.

My journey started yesterday with the rehydration process and I was rewarded this morning with a bubbly mixture in the bowl which means I’ve reactivated her and she’s ready to go.

The first feed
After four feeds
Added to her new home and fed and put in the fridge

A small gift of sourdough- a dried starter dubbed from our 7 year old Priscilla. I hope it gives you many years of baking joy “ The starting lines on my Doc with the rehydrating instructions …. & I’m so looking forward to this journey 😍

Colours That Make Me Smile :))

Because when you stop & look at things that you create you can see that life is pretty amazing.

It never ceases to amaze me how much each piece I make steals a piece of my heart. This quilt started out being a gift but now that’s its completed I’m not so sure….

Yes the colours make my heart sing… so I’m thinking I’ll be keeping this one for myself… seeing as one of my sofas does not have a quilt gracing the back of it…. this way anyone sitting on any sofa has a lovely warm quilt to snuggle into :))

What do you think ??

ScrapHappy August

Well its been a month already & the love for All things Quilt continues. We are in Stage 4 lockdown for another 4 & a half weeks !!! Hopefully the numbers will come down …

This cushion cover came about as one of my first few scrappy pieces. I had tried my hand at a quilted quilt cover and long story short I had these scraps left over.

I love bright colours and these colours make my heart sing 🎶

Heres to another month of quilting…..

KateGun, TittiHeléneEvaSue, Lynn, Lynda,
Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy,  Tracy, Jill, Claire, Jan,
Moira, SandraLindaChrisNancyAlysKerryClaireJean,
Joanne, Jon, HayleyDawnGwen, Connie, Bekki, Pauline,
Sue L, Sunny, Kjerstin and Vera (me!)

Stage 4: 2.0

When lockdown has been a way of life for a few months you just carry on …

The Virus 🦠 has not been good to us in our state of Victoria even though the rest of Australia seems to be back to a new normal…

As of midnight Wednesday we entered a new stage of restrictions. We have had a state of disaster declared which generally means the police force has a few less limitations in enforcing rules.

My life continues on my usual path of cooking cleaning looking after the kids looking after the Business as I have done for the last 27 years. My new normal is not going out at all but finding more time to do the one thing that I absolutely love.

As the months seem to be rolling by faster and faster we find ourselves in the month of August. Lockdown is supposed to be lifted on 13 September but then again who knows…

So during these months which is usually occupied by the kids birthdays… Getting ready for parties and entertaining… Which cannot be done now… My mind has moved to the next big occasion which is Christmas.

A couple of days of working with a new idea for a table runner for Christmas which I found on Pinterest I came up with this. There’s lots that I can see which need to be fine tuned but seeing as it is for the house I’m happy with the result and extremely happy that my first Christmas project is complete.