Reminiscing ♥️



A not so early start today … but needed to beat the 36 degree day meant for Madura… 8am and it was already 20 degrees… rode through and with no trees along either side the temperature kept rising steadily… there was some cloud so it wasn’t too bad … as we crossed the Border from WA to SA for a span of 10 minutes it was 33 degrees & then literally just like that it dropped to 19 … seriously 😳 it couldn’t be more amazing…. on we rode and stopped to drink in the views again at The Bight … so lovely 😊….
Once over the border we changed clocks and now instead of three hours difference between us and home it’s now half an hours difference… between weather & clocks I don’t know whether I’m Arthur or Martha 😃

Again another superb day of riding and happy to relax at the NULLABOR Roadhouse.

7261 kms completed….

2 wheels …. 1 engine…. No limits 🏍🏍🏍